mandy gutsell, life coach, dramatherapist, enneagram trainer


"Adolescence is not a phase of life to be feared; rather it is one of fascination, curiosity and unexpected twists."
Micheal Rieras



Mandy Gutsell is the founder of kNOw Limits and is based in the West Midlands.
She graduated from the prestigious Coaches Training Institute based in California and has undergone coaching Certification, achieving the designation of CPCC (Certified Professional CoActive Coach). She is one of the first 5 people in the UK to gain the title 'Certified Parent Coach for Teens' graduating from Parent as Coach Academy with an Advanced Coaching Course.

Mandy is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the most rigorous independent professional body for coaches worldwide. She is also a member of BADth (British Association for Dramatherapists)

Mandy believes very strongly in developing and updating skills in her relevant profession. She attends training regularly having her own coach and supervisors.
Since 1987 Mandy has committed to her passion of life long learning. She has developed an expertise in personal development programs, team building, pioneering new ideas in organisation and inspiring individuals.

Mandy is a qualified Mental Health Nurse, Dramatherapist, Teacher in Further Education, Aerobics Instructor and Coach. She has a BSc hons in Mental Health Studies specialising in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
Mandy's personal philosophy in coaching encompasses the following;
The thoughts we have in our minds influence what comes out in our actions and words, creating the lives we live.

She coaches people from a belief that everyone has the capacity to change no matter what their background. Accepting clients for who they are with unconditional positive regard and belief that everyone deserves a chance.