life coaching
" What I found is that for once I have been in a place where I am the main focus and I have the support and encouragement to be real, not manufactured. Wow!....I am very excited about the true me"
P.Davis (Trainer and Counsellor)

In Life Coaching the focus is on you and not the coach. You provide the agenda and bring your own life experience. As a Professional Life Coach Mandy Gutsell and any Associates she works with use the same approach. This means using a combination of different tools, powerful questions, techniques and theories that offer you a structure for achieving long term results in you life.

What can you gain?
Creating a personal vision for your life.
Identifying your values and goals.
Examining habits and attitudes.
Changing perspectives for ones that support your vision.
Choosing life choices that enhance fulfilment, satisfaction and balance.
Changes and results that impact positively in all areas of your life.
e.g. Career, relationships, family, physical/emotional health, money, fun, leisure.
Creating a life where anything is possible.
Confidence and motivation in making the right decisions.
A passion for living life.

How does it work?

One of the many strengths of coaching is its flexibility, enabling people with different demands and time constraints to take advantage of the process. You can have telephone, face to face coaching with some additional e-mail support, or a combination of the two.

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