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The roots of the enneagram go back many centuries and has been synthesized from many different spiritual and religious traditions such as Christians, Muslims, Jews to name a few.

Consultancy and Training.
Personal Development courses in Anger/Stress/Confidence Building and Assertiveness.
In an ever changing climate more people experience levels of stress and anger which they find intolerable. It can impact on personal and professional lives leading to lack of confidence and assertiveness skills, inability to make clear decisions and a reduced motivation to enjoy life.
Mandy Gutsell has undergone extensive training as an anger and stress management consultant both with the British Association of Anger Management and Centre for Stress Management in London. Not feeling in control of your anger and stress can cause it to grow, intensify and impact negatively on those around us. Using a multi modal approach can help the client intervene at the most appropriate stage of the model. Clients learn how to develop their coping resources and how to moderate their appraisal of difficult situations.
This may be offered on a corporate basis to individual clients or a group.
1, 2 Day, and 12 week courses are available. Companies/Organisations may negotiate courses content depending on requirements.

Mental Health Awareness and Medication Training.
This courses aims to educate staff wanting to increase their knowledge of the issues faced by people with mental health problems. It explores signs and symptoms of common mental health problems, a range of treatments including social educational approach, issues relating to consequences of labelling and cultural issues.
The medication training can be taken separately or together. It introduces the principles of the medical model, the history and development of psychotropic medication, issues influencing users views to medication and exploring methods of increasing the likelihood of the user accepting medication.

Working Minds; Making Mental Health Your Business.

Are you an employer who takes your company and employees well being seriously? From October 2004 it becomes a legal requirement of employers with any number of employees, under Disability Discrimination Act (1995) to cover 2 main duties. 1) Duty to make reasonable adjustments. 2) Duty not to treat the person less favourably than others unless this is justified. The DDA defines disability as a 'physical or mental impairment. This may include common mental health such as depression and anxiety.
This training will give your company a step by step plan to take an holistic approach to well being. It will cover what to ask and NOT ask employees at the various stages of recruitment, retention, maintaining staff in work, engaging with someone in distress, supporting when off sick and enabling return to work.
You will have an opportunity to explore extensive examples of good practise and develop your own Mental Health Policy specific to the company. However the policies are unlikely to be effective unless managers get the training and confidence to deal with problems. Can you afford not to?

Management and leader ship training.
ì"To be or not to be - That really is the question!"
It is designed for people in business who recognise that getting the best out of themselves and others is as much about who you are 'being' as what you are 'doing'.
This 2 day workshop proves 'who we be' is every bit as important as 'what we do'. Most management training focuses on learning the right way to do things- the right way to manage, the right way to communicate and the right way to lead. This training turns that idea on its head by focusing on who we are being - with the people we manage, the people we communicate with and the people we lead. In this workshop you will rediscover the unique qualities that make you so special and valuable to your company/organisation and everyone who knows you. And you will have a lot of FUN.

Day One; We are Human Beings not Human Doings
To be or not to be? What does it mean?
Being in your head vs being in your body.
Being yourself vs Being someone else.
Trusting what is true vs trusting what is 'made up'.

Day Two; How Being Yourself can impact positively on
Teamwork and team building
Enneagram profiling- knowing me, knowing you (ahah!)
Stress levels and 'being happier'
How you see things at work and outside work
Your return to work and home.

This workshop is delivered in partnership with 2 other coaches having experiences spanning Director level in marketing companies, Outward Bound Course Leaders and University level lecturing.
It can be offered 'bespoke' to a particular company/organisation OR a number of individuals from different companies may join the workshop.

Young Peoples Projects.
A range of issue based courses can be developed to suit the organisation. 'Bespoke' courses on offer are; Peer Education, Domestic Violence, Bullying Issues, Dealing with Stress and anger, Self harm, loss and bereavement.
Individual requirements can be discussed.

Panel Matters- Youth Offending.
An extensive course developed for new panel member volunteers. The course introduces new panel members to the issues faced by first time offenders and their victims. It explores the qualities needed by panel members such as effective communication, listening skills and ability to remain non judgemental. It explores the issues faced by the youth of today and relevant aspects of the judicial system.