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Dramatherapy has as its main focus the intentional use of healing aspects of drama and theatre as the therapeutic process. It is a method of working and playing which uses action methods to facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, insight and growth.
Through the use of drama techniques such as storymaking, movement, voice, improvisation, role play and role reversal, dramatherapy focuses on building POSITIVE relationships.
Dramatherapy may take place in individual or group sessions. It can work with a range of issues including; exploring conflict situations, easing transition and change; connecting with the creative side of the brain to free the mind up and look at situations in a different way; to bring more fun and spontaneity into life; building confidence in developing relationships;
• people who self harm
• young people who have come into conflict with the law
• young people who have been in hospital or a residential setting for a while
• families who have experienced domestic violence
• young people who have offended
• adults with mental health problems
Dramatherapy can work with a range of issues including developing social skills, increasing focus and concentration, and expressing feelings in a safe and fun way.
Dramatherapy programs can also be tailor-made for staff to learn different skills to work with their clients/patients.

J.Mills (School Support Worker)

"It helped me balance the creative side of me......I want to try to develop this more at home and at work."

T.Barton (Life Coach)
" I enjoyed being with a group of people who shared a lot together and entered each activity with openness and commitment. I enjoyed the chance to act out a different role and the physical games. You taught me a lot about being present and authentic with a group."

" I have got more courage to develop more of my own work. I am going to make better use of my time by not getting stuck into a rut, and getting different perspectives."


Getting to Business
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In Life Coaching the focus is on you and not the coach. You provide the agenda and bring your own life experience. As a Professional Life Coach Mandy Gutsell and any Associates she works with use the same approach. This means using a combination of different tools, powerful questions, techniques and theories that offer you a structure for achieving long term results in you life.

What can you gain?
Creating a personal vision for your life.
Identifying your values and goals.
Examining habits and attitudes.
Changing perspectives for ones that support your vision.
Choosing life choices that enhance fulfilment, satisfaction and balance.
Changes and results that impact positively in all areas of your life.
e.g. Career, relationships, family, physical/emotional health, money, fun, leisure.
Creating a life where anything is possible.
Confidence and motivation in making the right decisions.
A passion for living life.

How does it work?
One of the many strengths of coaching is its flexibility, enabling people with different demands and time constraints to take advantage of the process. You can have telephone, face to face coaching with some additional e-mail support, or a combination of the two.

P.Davis (Trainer and Counsellor)
" What I found is that for once I have been in a place where I am the main focus and I have the support and encouragement to be real, not manufactured. Wow!....I am very excited about the true me"

" I have a different mind set and am now dealing with life in a more positive way. The old way of looking at things does not serve the purpose of my life anymore. You are a true inspiration."


The Parent Coaching Program teaches and coaches parents to have positively passionate relationships with their sons and daughters.

It will teach and coach parents how to;
• Connect with their sons and daughters
• Negotiate without shouting
• Not get caught up in who is right and wrong
• Develop the potential, NOT become attached to the problems and behaviour
• Develop their parenting style to communicate more effectively

Being a parent is a lifelong commitment, as children change and grow parents need to evolve with them. While the primary relationship remains the same, the ROLE needs to change for the parent as their son or daughter develops.
By including the role of active coach, parents can create a space for their children to safely explore their own sense of self, and to help them find meaning in who they are and what they do.

The skills parents will develop are;
• Speaking clearly
• Listening to understand their sons and daughters viewpoint
• Staying open to many possibilities
• Reserving judgement when they do not agree with others viewpoints
• Promoting responsibility and nourishing independence
Parent coaching may take place as individual or group sessions.


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